How To Add FreeArc On Context Menu Or On Right Click

How To Add FreeArc On Context Menu Or On Right Click

So here. i wanna say thank you for you guys that you saw my blog this time. because of this. yeah. i know it's not simple but okay. i will try. so today i will give you guys how to add freearc on context menu. freearc is one of the most compressed software. just like winrar/7-zip. maybe you haven't heard it yet.  but this little thing can make 1 files. that we called ".bin" files. yes. if you want to compressed some files with these. you can especially make files become ".bin" or another type of format files. so. alot people use this to make ".bin" files. okay. im not going to explain how to compressed it. but i want to tell you guys how to add freearc on context menu or on right click. okay here we go..

Step By Step :

  • First. Download it Here (select one of the download miror link you want it)
  • After download. Open that files. but before you click "Next" and "Next".   you have to careful. because in this section. you must take a look. after "Choose Installation" page. you will be at "Choose Components". page
  • here in "Choose Components" page. you will see. a checkbox. it hasn't been checked.. the word said "Associate The Other Archives With FreeArc". Please Check that Checkbox First. 

  • after that you can click "Next" Until finish installation..
  • Enjoy

  • Okay Okay. this thing is too simple. how? yea how?!. again.. it's simple because in winrar menu. they add context menu thing at settings. but in freearc. maybe you can't do anything on settings. because the context menu thing. it won't work. even though you checked that checbox in freearc settings..